You are what you eat, but 110 million Americans don't have access to the foods they need to improve their health.

Our Mission

Season was founded with the goal of bringing the benefits of food as medicine and improving the lives of the millions of people and their families who are struggling with nutrition sensitive conditions.


We’re building a passionate team with backgrounds in healthcare, food, and nutrition, all banding together to build the first Digital Food Farmacy.

Listen to Josh Hix and Dr. Andrea Feinberg’s Bio Eats Food: Food as Medicine podcast now.

Josh Hix
Mustafa Shabib
Michele Rager, RDN-AP
Director of Nutrition


Toyin Ajayi, MD
City Block Chief Health Officer and Co-Founder
Andrea Feinberg, MD
Geisinger Fresh Food Farmacy Chief Health Officer and Co-Founder
Dariush Mozaffarian
Tufts School of Nutrition Science and Policy Dean
Jerold Mande, MPH
Harvard School of Public Health Adjust Professor of Nutrition
Max Mullen
Instacart Co-Founder
Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD
Nationally Recognized Nutrition Expert
Cormac Miller
Advisory Board Chief Product Officer / Optum EVP