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55 minutes | 1 CPEU

How to Help Your Clients Kick Their Added Sugar Habit

Discover how to help clients control their sugar cravings and manage their added sugar intake. In this course, we’ll review the research on the link between added sugars and health outcomes and we’ll discuss key areas to focus on in nutritional coaching to help clients reduce their added sugar intake and benefit their long-term health. Expires 5/14/22

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50 minutes | 1 CPEU

Combating Fad Diets with Evidence-Based Behavior Change

There is a new diet circulating social media every single day. As our population becomes desensitized to fad dieting, it is our responsibility as dietitians and health care providers to guide our patients and clients in the direction of evidence-based long-term behavior change. In this webinar learn about behavior change to combat fad dieting. Expires 12/8/21.

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46 minutes | 1 CPEU

An Evidence-Based Approach to Helping Clients Succeed Through the Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebration and enjoyment, but for many of our clients struggling to maintain balance and nutritional success, the holidays can be a great source of anxiety and struggle. In this webinar learn how to support your clients through the holiday season and create behavior change for success. Expires 11/10/21.

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